Healthy Monadnock

As I was networking for my new website, I contacted Healthy Monadnock, as they have been wonderful about sharing my blog posts. They are a local organization working to build a healthier Monadnock area.  They were more than willing to share my information on local outdoor activities. Shortly after contacting them, I got another message stating that The Champion Team is shooting video's of local residents that represent,"I am Healthy Monadnock" and they asked me to participate.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to share my love of the outdoors with my community, but after I made the commitment I started thinking, "what am I going to say," "How am I Healthy Monadnock."  I'm not in the best shape, I don't run marathons, I sometimes get out of breath while hiking, I do not always eat the healthiest foods and there are some nights I sit on the couch rather than exercising.

As I thought about what my 20 seconds of fame was going to consist of, I had a small revelation, even though I may not be perfect with my healthy habits, I do have a great number of them.  The healthiest habit that is near and dear to my heart is getting outside hiking, camping, canoeing, swimming, cross country skiing or snowshoeing.  Just being outside is so good for the mind and body and you get to explore some really amazing places.  My love of the outdoors has slowly influenced people around me.  Friends started asking me where to go hiking or my favorite camping spot. One day I decided, why not make a Facebook Page about my family's adventures, as we spend most weekends engaging in outdoor recreation activties. The goal of my page is to inspire others, especially families to get outside more.  I know it can seem hard to take a young family on a hike, but your hikes do not need to be up Mt. Monadnock, there are so many local trails perfect for young children. For instance, Kidder Mountain in New Ipswich is a great trail as it is only a little over a mile up, with a gradual incline and a beautiful view.  If you are looking for something without an incline, Rhododendron State Park is perfect as the walking paths are flat and you walk through rhododendrons, creating a magical environment.

This past spring while I was scrolling through social media I came across an organization called, Hike Like a Woman.  This organization is a community of women who love the outdoors and want to encourage other women to get outside more. They were looking for ambassadors for their 2017-2018 season and I thought, "why not apply." So I applied. I forgot about the application, then on July 12th I got an email from the founder of the organization asking me to join their ambassador team.  Over 200 women from all around the world applied and I was one of 22 who were chosen. I'm not going to lie, I was jumping up and down with excitement when I got the email.   Now I am working with 22 amazing women who all have a passion for the outdoors to encourage other women to get outside more.  

Even though I may not be perfect in all my healthy habits, I know I make a conscious effort to make healthy choices and do what I feel is best for my family.  As my family and I continue our journey to explore the great outdoors, I hope to inspire others along the way to enjoy what our great region has to offer. This is why I'm Healthy Monadnock.