Sunday Morning Family Time

For the last few weeks, life has seemed a little crazy, isn’t everyones, with work, school, basketball practice, hiking groups and other various things, that I felt my family and I just needed a few unplugged hours in the woods.  Also I had some yummy food planned for Super Bowl and needed to get some exercise in.  

We headed to our favorite trail, the Heald Tract, which is managed by The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forrest.  We decided to check out a different trail from the normal loop near Heald Pond we do.  Located off Russel Hill Road, is the parking and trailhead for the Camp Trail.  In the winter part of Russell Hill Road is not plowed and other parts of the year the road can easily wash out. Use driver caution if you plan to access the trail from this road.

The Camp Trail meanaders through the woods down to a small pond.  There is a bridge that crosses a stream to continue the trail, unfortunately the bridge is not crossable.  Due to the icy conditions we had to walk around the pond to get away from the stream and then cross the pond over the ice.  Always take precautions when crossing ice.  


Back on the trail is the site of an old cabin.  With remnants of an old fire pit I took this opportunity to try out my Fire Starter Flint that I am current reviewing for Hike Like a Woman.  After gathering dry leaves, small twigs and using a small piece cotton provided with my ferro rod, I tried to start a fire.  After watching all those survivor shows I thought it would be easy do it.  It is NOT easy.  I needed the assistance of my husband, but we did get a fire going.  Now that I have made one fire with a ferro rod, I am confident we could do it again.  


While enjoying our fire my daughter played on the ice, built various things with sticks and explored the woods around us.  It was nice watching her use her imagination and the woods as her playground. 

After spending about 30 minutes at the camp site, we decided to put the fire out and continue down the trail.  We hiked down the trail until we got to the Caster Pond Loop Trail.  We walked until we got to another pond. We chose to walk out onto the pond where there was an osprey nest on a dead tree.  We did not see any evidence of osprey's near by.  


After another few minutes of playing on the ice we continued down an old snowmobile trail that pops out at the end of Heald Road.  Before you come to the road you walk along someone private property so please be respectful.  We walked down the road and took the snowmobile trail that a cut back to our truck.  We did a little over three mile hike that was much needed.  

We all need to be able to sit back and enjoy the little things like family time, quiet time, which is hard when your child is talking the whole hike and the peacefulness of being in the woods.  This weekend get out with your family and hit your favorite local trail.