Adding a Little Wildish to my Life

When I started my online outdoor adventures I was not sure where it would head.  It started out with my social media accounts, then onto my website and blog, then being honored as being an ambassador for Hike Like A Woman, where I have been able to pursue my passion of leading a women's outdoor hiking group and being able to encourage and empower more women to get outside and feeling more comfortable being there.

Anyone who has a public social media account knows that you run the risk of getting random people reaching out to you with various requests or opportunities.  I ignore the majority of them, thinking they are spam. The beginning of this month I got a direct message from Adam at Wildish.  There was something about this message that made me want to explore it further.  Adam was reaching out to me after viewing my social media account and wanted me to be an Ambassador for his company.  Curiosity got the best of me and I requested additional information.  

As I was scrolling through the about section of their website, these definitions spoke to me.

Wild people

Wild people spend hours planning ultra-light outdoor conquests to crush the elements with minimal supplies. They say things like “so epic” and “super gnarly” while prioritizing training. They use gear like body armor, GPS devices, ice axes, and convertible pants. For them, nature is meant to be conquered. Weird.

Wildish people

Wildish people on the other hand enjoy spontaneous outdoorsy sessions with friends. We float the river, hike with beers, swing in hammocks, and prioritize bags of snacks. We say things like “so chill” and “super comfy" while using puffy blankets, music devices, soft tees, and pants that don't convert. We don’t need to conquer nature, we need to preserve it. Turns out we’re a bit Wild, just Wildish.

I thought to myself, wow this is me.  I love the outside, but I do not do "wild" things, I'm more, well, Wildish.   

My "Wildish" is heading out for early morning or after work for a leisurely hike to clear my mind of any useless clutter.  Floating down a river in a kayak, paddling a calm lake or testing out my paddleboard skills. There is also nothing better than sitting by a lake on a warm summer day watching my daughter and dog play in the water.  I do enjoy climbing tall peaks, white water rafting and primitive camping, but it is not my every day norm. 


I emailed Adam some information and right away he came back offering for me to be an ambassador for their brand. I am excited to expand my outdoor connections.  One of the perks of being a Wildish Ambassador is getting amazing deals on cool outdoor gear.  For a while now I have wanted an outdoor blanket for picnics, beach days, fireworks and hiking.  Now was the perfect opportunity to get one. Wildish sells this amazing Mr. Big Stuff Blanket.  It’s light weight and as you can see in the picture below, packs very small which is perfect for anytime because who wants to carry big bulky things. 


Right now New Englands weather has been showing limited signs of spring and the ground is still wet, so I laid out the blanket on my deck.  This thing is HUGE.  It could easily fit 3-4 Adults.  This blanket is going to be perfect for all the many uses I plan for it.  


Along with this amazing blanket they sell some pretty awesome hammocks, water bottles, t-shirts, waterproof speakers and stickers.  If you have been looking for any of these items I highly recommend that you check them out.  My next purchase will be one of their very cool hammocks. When it comes to brands and items I am very picky, but so far I love this company and I am very excited to be part of this amazing brand.   

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can click on my link to receive 20% off with the code: getting_lost_together_give20.  

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