New England Waterfalls

We live in a day of technology, where most information is online or on an app. Even though I do use internet and various apps for hiking and exploring I still have a couple go to books that an app or internet will never replace. If you have followed by website/blog I hope you would know by now that my favorite outdoor activity is waterfall exploring. In the summer there is nothing like a hike then a dip under a cool waterfall and in the winter enjoying a waterfall after a fresh fallen snow. There is just something so magical about waterfalls throughout the different seasons.

One Christmas my husband gave me the New England Waterfalls book by Greg Parsons and Kate B. Watson. This has turned into one of my favorite resource books. Whenever we go on a road trip around New England this book is with us. You just never know when you have an opportunity to explore a waterfall.


The book is written well with over 200 waterfalls in New England. It provides good directions on how to get to the waterfalls, trail information and if there are other waterfalls nearby worth visiting. As you can see below I like to include my own trail information after I have visited he waterfall.


The book has allowed us to explore beautify waterfalls throughout New England like Rattlesnake Pool outside of Bethel Maine.


My nine year old also likes flipping through this book to find the waterfalls she can swim in. It is nice to be able to allow her to join in on the planning. If you are a waterfall junkie like me or just like to explore the beautiful natural scenery New England has to offer, this book is a must for your bookshelf.

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