Hiking the Monadnock Region Book(s)

When we moved to the area I wanted to start hiking again. My first birthday in our new house my husband bought me a hiking backpack and what has turned into my hiking bible for the area, Hiking the Monadnock Region. The next couple year we set out to do the majority of the hikes in the book. This book opened my eyes to the wonderful trails and scenery in the area.


When people think about the Monadnock Region, they usually think of Mt. Monadnock. While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s a great hike with beautiful scenery, but there is so much more to explore in the region. One of the things I like the most about the book is it talks about trails that are not as popular, like Little Monadnock and Heald Tract. The trail descriptions have been very helpful too. There were many times when we were hiking I would pull the book out and refer to it to ensure we were going the correct way or get more information about the trail.

A few years ago the author updated the book and came out with The New Hiking the Monadnock Region. Of course I had to get it. I did not think I could like a book more than the last one, but I like this one more.


The reason that I like this book more is there are more trails noted, like Fox Forest. The author also added map drawings of the trails, which I always find helpful.


If you live in the Monadnock Region or visit frequently and like to hike, I highly recommend getting these books. I have also noticed that the local libraries carry them as well if you want to check them our before buying.

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