Becoming Odyssa

I am always on the look out for new books to read either from social media, the Hike Like a Woman Adventure Book Club or recommendations from friends. I keep a list of books i want to read and luckily my library is able to get most of the books I request. Side note: If you do not want to buy books I highly recommend going to your library and if they do not have the book speak to the librarian as they can usually get them through an interlibrary loan. I’m not one to read a book more than once so I love this option.

I cannot rave enough about my most recent read. I love to read books about the Appalachian Trail for a couple reason. I grew up at the end of the trail so i love reading about my old exploring grounds and I would love to be able to hike the trail some day. I have read a few different books about the trail such as Hiking Through and Grandma Gatewood. Even though I loved both of those books, there was something about this book that made me feel like I was hiking right beside her and she had more realistic description of the trail.

Becoming Odyssa Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail is a story about a women who’s trail name is Odyssa who sets out to hike the Appalachian Trails and talks about there adventure along the way.


She sets out to hike the trail alone and talks about the people she meets along the way, the friends she makes to help support her through the hike and the ones that just make her feel uncomfortable. She talks about being a female on the trail and hiking alone and the challenges and rewards that come along with it. There are animals encounters and life changing encounters. As I expect with most through hikers there are times where she wanted to give up, but found the courage and strength to keep going. Sometimes I feel that authors can try to sugar coat life on the trail, but I felt this was realistic life on the trail. If you are looking for a book about adventure and finding yourself on the trail this is a must read and now in my top favorites.

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