Almost Somewhere Book Review

“I still wasn’t ready to climb into a tree in a windstorm—I may never be—but I now understood the impulse to feel the vibration of a storm, to hear the heartbeat of the worlds.  John Muir got it right when he said the beauty fo this place can only be felt, not explained.” 

When Suzanne Roberts sets out with her college friends on a 28 day trip of the John Muir Trail I do not think she knew what to expect.  To anyone who has done any type of hiking day trips or long distances, it is not easy, there are struggles and challenges,  physically and emotionally, but in the end you can find yourself within the beauty of the great outdoors along with learning what is important in life.  


Almost Somewhere by Suzanne Roberts brings you along her journey with her college friends through the 211 mile Muir Trail in California.  The three of them coming from different backgrounds and abilities, but are sharing a celebration of graduating collage by embarking on this journey.  Along the way they meet various people who hike with them, they run into struggles, physically, emotionally and within their relationships with each other, because lets face it is not always easy for three women to spend every waking moment together especially on a difficult thru hike. They experience the beauty of the great outdoors all while trying to connect with John Muir’s vision of this land.  In the end they all learn something from this amazing experience, about themselves and each other.  If you are looking for a feel good story about woman empowerment all while the various emotions you can feel while hiking a beautiful terrain, I highly recommend that you check out this book. 

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