Magic Tree House Survival Guide

I am always looking for outdoor adventure books for my daughter.  On a recent trip to our local library she found the book, Magic Tree House Survival Guide by Mary Pop Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce.  She really enjoys this series and I was excited they had a survival guide.  


She read this book in just a couple days and was excited to share various parts of the book with my husband and I.  Below is her review of the book.  


"Hi my name is Olivia and I am here to tell you what I liked about this book. The number one thing liked about this book is that this book teach's kids and adults how to survive the outdoors. Some of the things that I had learned are, what to do if I get lost and how to read a compass. I recommend this book for ages 5+ ."


As a parent I like that the book was broken up into short stories that are only a couple pages long that explain in a language that kids can understand what to do if you find yourself in various situations in the outdoors like what to do if you fall.  As well as teaches you various outdoor skills like knot tying or how to find water. 

Anyone who has children ages 6-12 who love the outdoors I would highly recommend getting his book for them.