Girl in the Woods by Aspen Matis

When I am looking for a book to read, I tend to head towards outdoor books featuring women hikers or sappy romance novels. I recently picked up the Girl in the Woods by Aspen Matis at my local library. Tip, if you do not like to buy books like me, always check with your local library. I am able to get the majority of the books I request through the interlibrary loan system.

This book is about a young college age girl who's mother has always coddled her, dressing her, helping her shower, basically planning every minute of her life. When she goes to college across the country to try to separate herself from her childhood she is raped within the first few nights there. In a way to escape and find herself she leaves college to hike the Pacific Coast Trail.


The book follows her expedition on the trail, the various people she meets and how they impact her. It talks about the journey of finding herself, trying to figure out the person she is and to get out from under her mother’s thumb She also tries to learn to love herself and allow herself to be loved after being raped.

I am not sure why, but i had a really difficult time getting into the book. It took me about a month to read, which is unusual for me. I usually read a book a week or every two weeks. I did not think the book was written poorly, but just difficult to hold my attention. I overall enjoyed the story, but I would not call it one of my favorites.

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