The World is Our Classroom Book Review

I love to read. I do not read as much as I like, but I still love to read. I mostly enjoy books about the outdoors and romance. On a recent trip to my town library I noticed they had a new book in. The title intrigued me. It fit with my beliefs and what I like to read so I grabbed it to take home. It usually takes me a few weeks to a month to read to a book, but once I picked this book up, I could not put it down. I finished this book in four days!!

The World is Our Classroom by Cindy Ross is one of the best outdoor books I have ever read. The books takes you through different aspects of Cindy, her husband Todd and their two children Sierra And Bryce travel lifestyle and how they used the outdoors as the children’s playground and education.

The book talks about backpacking and biking long distances with children. How they educated their children through their various travels and adventures from learning about biology while dissecting various animals in the wild, taking place in reenactments to learning about history and by spending time with a family in Morocco to learn about other cultures.


Even when at home in the modest log cabin they built by hand, they lived a simple life with limited technology and items. They focused their time on being outdoors and traveling, which worked very well for their family. When reading this book it made me thing of my own family and lifestyle. We live a modest life in a small home, which allows us to spending time doing many day trips around New England and slowly starting to be able to travel outside of New England.

I love the view point that the author gives about their lifestyle and why it worked for them. It opens your eyes that there is a lot more out there then just going by what modern society tells you, you should be doing. It reminds you to pave your own way to what you feel is best for you and your family. If you have any interest in the education, outdoor and travel I highly recommend this book.

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