Are you looking to hire someone to talk about motivating women and families to get outside more, looking for someone to run a group hike or plan an outdoor event?  Below is more information services offered.

Presentations: As an ambassador for Hike Like a Woman Jacquelyn is able to travel around New England giving presentations on Hike Like a Woman.  In addition to speaking about this wonderful organization she presents on her background of growing up on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, how to encourage children and families to get outside more and my favorite outdoor places around New England.  

Group Hikes: Would you like to plan a group hike, but do not know where to start or need someone to lead the hike.  Jacquelyn currently leads one of the most successful hiking group through Hike Like a Woman and is able to help you plan and lead a group hike.  

Events: Do you want to plan an outdoor event geared toward women and or families, but do not know where to start or what direction to take.  Contact Jacquelyn and she can help coordinate your event.  

Reviews: Are you an outdoor business in New England, such as a campground, outdoor facility, cabin rental etc and would like a review written that can reach people throughout New England.  Jacquelyn can visit your outdoor business and write up a review to encourage others to visit your location. 

Jacquelyn can be reached through Hire Us at Hike Like a Woman or through email