My Top Christmas Gifts


It is the holiday season and we are always looking for that perfect gift for the loved ones in our lives.  I know there are many favorite holiday lists out there, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and create my top ten favorite things.  These are in no specific order.  

Yeti: All Yeti Products are pretty amazing, but I love the Ramblers with the screw on lids.  They are perfect for all activities, hiking, travel, work or just around the house.  The best part is they hold ice all day and do not sweat when in your backpack on a hot day.  


Darn Tough Socks: I cannot say enough good about these socks.  I have several pairs and use them all year round.  In the summer they are comfortable in my hiking boots and keep my feet from sweating too much in the winter they are comfortable in cross country ski or winter boots and keep my feel warm even when it is below zero.  


Camel Back Mini Mule Backpack: This is the perfect little backpack for that young child in your life.  My daughter has had this back pack since she was five and she is now eight.  She uses it a lot, she can fit a couple snacks and a few personal things.  She can also have access to water when ever she wants without having to take her backpack off.  


Hiking the Monadnock Region: This book and the first addition has been my hiking bible when I first starting hiking the Monadnock Region.  It gave me some great ideas of where to hike with great trail information.  If you are looking to get out more in the Monadnock Region I highly recommend this book. 


The New England Waterfalls: If you live or visit New England and enjoy exploring waterfalls this book is for you.  My family and I have visited some amazing waterfalls recommended in this book.  The trail and waterfall information are spot on and very informative.  

Selfie Stick: Ok I know this sounds funny, and I was one of the people that kept telling myself I do not need one of these.  On my first group hike I realized it was beneficial when my hiking group was making fun of me for the various angels I had when trying to get a group photo of everyone. This has been something that stays in my backpack the majority of the time and helps me get some great shots when hiking. 

Lightweight Backpacking Hammock: These are super fun, I have used mine camping and to take a little break when I summit a mountain.  They are lightweight and compact so they do not take up much room in your backpack, they are very comfortable, I have been known to take a couple naps in mine.  

Hiking Through- I have read many books about outdoor travels and so far this book has been my favorite. Check out my review of the book and then pick it up for the outdoor person in your life who loves a good hiking story.


Gaitors: These are great for hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  They prevent snow from getting in your boots and help keep the bottom of your pants dry.  I wear mine almost every time I hit the trail during the snowy months.  

Snowshoes: I love my MSR Snowshoes, they are light weight, easy to get on and perfect for any type of snow shoeing.  I use mine several times a year for packing down the trail or just enjoying some time on a already groomed trail.  They are light enough that I do not feel too tired from having them on my feet.  They fit my hiking boots perfectly.  

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