Every outdoor person has their favorite items for one and off the trail. Below are some of my favorite items.  

2018 Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Darn Tough Socks

Deuter Backpack

Kids Keen Hiking Boots

Pack-It Lunch Bag

Yeti Cups: My family and I have become obsessed with my yeti ramblers. We used them at home, school, at work, in the car and on the trail.  The best part is they hold ice all day. I have left my bottle in my car on an 80 degree day and a couple hours later I can up and still ice in it. They are also very durable, my daughter has dropped her's many times and no dents or cracks.  

Camel Bak Kids Mini Back Pack: This has been the perfect mini backpack for my daughter. She got it at age 6 and still uses it two years later. It's light weight, easy to get on and off, has a small pocket for snacks or anything else small your child wants to bring with you.  The best part is it has a water bladder with a easy access hydration straw so if your child wants a drink, you do not have to stop to take out a water bottle.   

Camping Journal: This was a fun gift I got for Christmas.  I cannot wait to start using it.  It has lots of room to document about your camping trip along with great attention to document information such as weather, site information as well as if you see a better site, what the campground offered, the places I visited, what I enjoyed most and a full page to write additional information.  I cannot wait to start using it this summer.  

A Hikers Journal: This was another fun gift I received for Christmas.  I wanted something to be able to document my new hikes while on the trail.  This journal is perfect. It has opportunities to writer down where I hiked, who I hiked with, trail information, altitudes, elevation and condition information, what I saw, what gear I had and food I ate, how I physically felt, my overall rating and a whole page to document more about my hike.  This journal has been a bloggers lifesaver with being able to document information before, during and after a hike.  

Crazy Creek Beach and Festival Chairs: Being an Ambassador for Hike Like a Woman, I get to review some pretty cool products including these amazing chairs.  

Buff Multifunctional Headband: I have never been a fan of headbands until this winter. I have really enjoyed having my Buff.  It works as a light weight neck warmer and/or face warmer for those colder days.  What I liked most about using them as a face warmer is they do not retain your breath and get wet like some face masks.  Of course they also make a great headband on and off the trail.  

Hiking Sticker: No matter your age, stickers are fun and necessary for a any hikers either car or water bottle.  There are so many fun ones out there, but no one can go wrong with the standard hiking sticker.    

Stabilicers: These past couple winters the weather in New England has been a little crazy, with inconsistent snow and icy hiking conditions.  Since my family and I need outside time, even when it is not the best conditions my husband and I have the stabilicer's shown below to help ensure safety while hiking and prevent falling during icy conditions.  

Mr. Big Stuff Outdoorsy Blanket: I have been looking for an outdoor blanket for a while.  Check out my blog post and discount code for more information or go directly to the website and use the discount code: getting_lost_together_give10



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