Welcome to my website, below is a little background about me, Jacquelyn. I am a wife, mother and lover of outdoors.  Growing up, I was fortunate to spend 16 summers on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, in Northern Maine, where my father was the manager.  Here is where I learned to swim, canoe on lakes and white water, primitive camp, hike, read a compass and survive in the wilderness as the closest town was over 60 miles away.  Throughout my school years I lived in Millinocket, Maine located at the base of Mt. Katahdin and the end of the Appalachian Trail.  Many of my school field trips were based in and around Baxter State Park. During my high school years, summers would find me exploring the lakes around Millinocket in my kayak and dragging which ever friend agreed to explore with me. In the winter, I would be cross country skiing, ice fishing or snowmobiling.  

After graduating high school I moved to Nashua, NH to attend college. I missed the outdoors.  My second year of college I met my now husband, who shared the same love of the outdoors. It was an important criteria to date me. Many weekends were spent in the White Mountains of New Hampshire hiking or kayaking.  After we married we moved to the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire where we continued spending our free time hiking or kayaking.  

After the birth of our daughter our outdoor adventures were off and on. At just two weeks old we brought our daughter hiking for the first time. A few weeks shy of her second birthday, she hiked her first mountain.  Throughout the years our outdoor adventures have been sporadic due to the craziness life brings you. The last couple years we have made getting outside a priority. We spend our summers camping, hiking, canoeing or swimming. In the winter, we are snowshoeing, hiking or cross country skiing.

Below are some of my accomplishments:

  • In May 2015, after receiving many requests for local hiking trail information, I started my Getting Lost Together Facebook Page to bring awareness to others in New England of all the wonderful outdoor activities available. 
  • Summer of 2016, I had a series of articles published by my local paper about my family's outdoor adventures. 
  • January 2017, I started a Facebook Group for the 52 Hikes in 2017 Challenge, encouraging others to do 52 one mile hikes hikes within the year.  There were five of us who completed the challenge. 
  • July 2017, I was honored to be chosen as an Ambassador for Hike Like a Woman, a organization geared towards encouraging woman to get outside more.  
  • September 2017, I collaborated with Hike Like a Woman to host women only group hikes in the Monadnock area. If you live in or around the Monadnock area and are looking to join a all woman hiking group, sign up to receive emails or join the Facebook Group for more information. I also hold special hikes geared towards families.  
  • January 2018 I started presenting about Getting Lost Together and Hike Like a Woman, if you would like me to come give a presentation head on over to the Hire Me page.  
  • April 2018 the company Wildish, approached me asking me to be an Ambassador for their brand.  Check out my blog post for more information and a discount code.  

My goal is to encourage others, especially woman and families, to get outside more. Please follow my family's outdoor adventures around New England for ideas of how to enjoy what this great region has to offer us. 

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