Olivia's Outdoor Adventures for Kids

My daughter has been asking me for some time to write her own blog post for my website.  I have been encouraging her to share her love of the outdoors.  Tonight she has finished up her blog post below.  I hope you enjoy it and are able to find some encouraging words to get your kids outside more. "Proud Mommy moment."  

Hi, my name Olivia and I am 8 years old and I love the outdoors.  I have been hiking with my parents since I was 2 weeks old and climbed my first mountain when I was 2 years old.


It is important for kids to get outside because they have to get fresh air and they should see the pretty wildlife.  They should experience new thing about wildlife and have fun in the outdoors.

This is how to get kids outside more. You could take your kids to a trail that leads to a swimming hole.  You could point out that there will be cool stuff along the way. You could take your kids to mountain or trail that has a fire tower. 


My favorite activities to do outside are swimming, cross country skiing, hiking, camping and sledding

The trails I’ve been on that is easy and fun for kids are: Mt. Kidder, Hiroshi Hayashi Conservation Land trail, Cranberry Bog, White Ledges, Highbridge Hill Story Book Trail, Pitcher mountain and Andres Art Institute. 


The places I have been to that that are not hiking trails, but have fun outdoor activities are, Mclane Center NH Audubon Society in Concord, NH, Sugar Ridge Campground Danville VT and Windblown Cross Country Ski Area in New Ipswich, NH. 


For the last two in a half years I’ve been going to an outdoor childcare called Ebenezer Farm. Ebenezer Farm is a outdoor childcare center where kids spend all day outside no matter the season or weather. I love Ebenezer Farm because they play outside no matter the season or weather. We get to hike, fish and go sledding.


Those are my recommendations to get your kids outside more!