A Day Back in Time

Recently I checked something off my bucket list I have wanted to do for a while.  Old Sturbridge Village located south of Worcester MA and near the Connecticut border, is a wonderful step back in time.  My husband and I feel that we were born in the wrong era as the early 1800's seemed like a simpler time.  You had to work hard and there was not the luxuries there are now, but you focused more on what mattered like family and building the life you want instead of the constant rush and demands to today's society.  


The admission is a little high, especially in the off season when we visited. It is $28 for Adults and $14 for children.  I wish in the off season they would lower the price. Since I have a monthly subscription to the Entertainment app, We were able to save some money on the entrance fee making it well worth our visit. 

As you step back in time and stroll around the grounds you go in and out of old homes and businesses, some of them had people dressed in period costume and were able to explain what they were doing or what it was like living in that time.  


There are various activities through out the day.  When we were there, they were doing Maple Syrup demonstrations, you could see how they made syrup back in the day and what they used it for.  There is a list of events on their website if you want to know what you are doing before you go or plan your trip.

I highly recommend taking the horse drawn wagon ride.  There are two modes of transportation around the grounds. A horse drawn wagon which fits several people and free. Second there is a stage coach that is a little more intimate that you pay a small fee for. The driver of the wagon ride provided additional information about the grounds during the ride.  

We spend about three hours walking in and out of buildings and exploring the grounds.  My eight year old daughter was entertained during the whole time we were there.  My daughters favorite exhibit was the school, pottery shop and kiln as there was a potter making various pots and cups, she also really enjoyed the horse drawn wagon ride.


This is a great way to get outside, learning something about some New England history and spend a few hours as a family.