A Day Trip to Gaines Farm

Fall is here, one of my favorite times to explore New England, with the crispness in the air and beautiful colors starting to pop, it is hard to resist a day drink. Even though we had a 1001 chores to do around the house, I did not want to pass up on the beautiful fall day. After soccer we jumped into the the truck and took a ride to Vermont. Our goal was to initially hit the larges corn maze in Vermont, but when we realized it was over two hours away we had to change direction. We started out by grabbing some lunch at Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery. I mean how can you pass up this view.


My husband likes to try a variety of beers and has been wanting to check out this brewery for a while, but it usually has a long wait time. We were initially told that it would be a 35 minute wait, we decided to stay as we could walk around outside. The really cool thing is that you can watch on Yelp to when your seat is ready, you can also reserve your table ahead of time through Yelp. Luckily out wait was only about 15 minutes. They have seeing inside and out, there was no setting outside, but we still had a nice review from the window.


The drinks were refreshing, my husband enjoyed his beer. The food was pretty good, fresh with a variety of Vermont touches like using local ingredients like cheese and beer. My only criticism is that it took a little while to get our food, but it was 2pm and they were packed.

My husband like that they have beer to go as well.


After a delicious meal we drove about five to ten miles south to Gaines Farm. I have been following them on Facebook for a while now as they also raise Golden Retrievers, a breed I’m a little partial too. In the fall they have a pretty fun corn maze and various activities. It was $33 for the three of us (two adults and a child). We started out by doing the corn maze. I like the way they did the maze because there are check points along the way giving you clues to where you are going, That way you do not spend too much time wandering around like I have a tendency to do.


After the corn maze we took a tractor ride. They usually feed the cows, but due to us being their close to closing time the cows had gone to the end of the field, but that was ok we still liked the hay ride. There was a also a smaller tractor ride with individual cars, a cannon to shoot corn out of.

My daughter wanted to explore all the games and toys they had out.


She enjoyed the bouncing mat and the large slide. Along with a Carmel Apple.


There was also various lawn games, pick your own pumpkins, food and animals like pigs, horses, cows, goats, chickens, sheep and turkey’s.


We really enjoyed the couple hours that we spent here and would go back. If you come in the evening they do a haunted corn maze. There is a separate charge for this from the day time maze. If you are looking for something kid friendly come in the day, but if you are looking for a little fright come after 6pm. I would highly recommend putting this on your list of places to check out for fall activities.