Hiking Monadnock with my Daughter

Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is supposedly the second most climbed mountain in the world. We are fortunate to have it just a few miles from our home. My husband and I have hiked the mountain a few times, but we had not hiked it with our daughter. I have been a little hesitant because sometimes hiking with kids is not always fun. The last few months or so she has been asking about hiking a 4,ooo footer or Mt. Katahdin, but we have told her that she has to hike Mt. Monadnock before hiking the others.

During a recent staycation I said, “why don’t we hike Monadnock tomorrow?” My daughter was excited and eager to hike. Of course I was thinking that I have not done a lot of hiking lately and this could be difficult, but worst case is we do not finish.

There are several trails that go up Monadnock. My husband and I’s favorite is the Marlborough Trail because not a lot of people climb it. Those of you who have climbed Monadnock know that it is not unusual to get to the top and see several dozen people up there. I am not a big fan of hiking with a lot of people which is why we do not hike Monadnock much.

The Marlborough Trail starts on Shaker Farm Road off of Rt Rt 124. on the Marlborough Jaffrey line. The first half of the trail goes through the woods and has some steady incline sections.


The second half of the trail is almost straight up with many vertical climbs.


As well some some pretty fantastic views.


This is not an easy hike, but my husband and were so impressed with our daughter. She had a smile on her face the whole time. She loved climbing the rocks and rarely asked to stop for a break, unlike myself. The kids Camelbak was great for hiking so she could get water whenever she needed.

When we got to the summit the smile on her face was worth the hike. She was beaming with pride for making it to the top and completing the hike she has been asking to do for a while.


After enjoying some time at the top we headed back down the same trail. Again my husband and I were a little nervous how she would do heading down as it is just as hard going as up. She continued to do just as well and excited going down.

I am not sure of the true milage of the trail. Looking online at a few different sites it said it was a little over two miles oneway. I clocked a little over four miles going up.

Mt. Monadnock is not an easy climb, but well worth it you are up for the challenge.. I would recommend doing it during the week, when there is not as many people. Make sure you have good hiking boots, plenty of water and a snack. There is a headquarters in Jaffrey if you are looking for more information.