Giant Ice Marbles

Winter in New England can be difficult.  It is ever changing and it can be balmy with minimal snow or have large quantities of snow and below zero temperatures. With cold temperatures it can make it difficult to get outside especially with little ones.  I am always looking for new activities to keep my daughter entertained during the cold days when it is not safe to be outside for too long.  Thanks to Vermont State Park Blog I found something fun and colorful to do.  

Giant Ice Marbles.  I have seen these around the internet over the last couples years, but have not tried them.  With our family being on vacation this week and below zero temperatures I was looking for something to do so when a blog from Vermont State Park's popped up on Facebook about making these and I thought it was a perfect time to make them.  

All you need is:

  • Ballons

  • Food coloring

  • A faucet with running water


If your child is able have them drop as many drops of food coloring into the ballon while an adult holds it.  Then the adult takes the balloon and puts it over the faucet to fill the balloon up with water.  Try not to fill the balloons too much or they could pop and you could have colored water all over the place. Tie the balloon off trying to release as much air as possible.  One step that I did not do, that I should have, was shake them up to mix the food coloring around the balloon. After you have done your desired amount, we did eight.  Set them outside for 12-24 hours to freeze.  


Once they are frozen peel off the balloons and decorate your yard with beautiful ice marbles. I would recommend wearing disposable gloves when peeling the balloons off as my hands got covered with food coloring. Perfect for all ages with adult supervision and brings a pop of color to your yard.