Pitcher Mountain

2018 has started out with some crazy weather.  It has  limited my family and my ability to get the outside time we truly love and need.  Despite this morning temperatures being in the teens, I still wanted to get out on a trail for about an hours.  

My daughter and I have been working on the Fire Tower, Tower Quest Challenge to earn a patch.  Since we were looking for a relatively short trail with some views, we decided to check one of the local fire towers off the list.  

Pitcher Mountain is located on Route 123 in Stoddard, NH.  There is a small parking lot and the options of two trails up to the firepower.  Every time we have visited we have always taken the old  road up to the top, we have never done the loop.  The old road is a little rocky, just be cautious of your footing.  With it being January 14th and after a thaw and rainstorm the trail was a little icy.  We were able to walk most of the trail without any issue or the need for stable icers.  


It was a little under a half mile to the top where the fire tower is. I love the views from the top because you can see Mount Monadnock and into the ski mountains of Vermont on a clear day.  I'm not exactly sure how far you can see, but it seems pretty far and for little effort the views are breathtaking.


This time of year the fire tower is locked as there is no one working there.  The last time I was there in the summer there as a fire tower watch person working.  They were a wealth of knowledge of the various landmarks you can see from the tower.  


This trail is great for children, families, beginner hikers and those just wanted to get out for a quick hike with a great view.