Crotched Mountain Dutton Brook Trail

Located on Crotched Mountain Road across from the entrance to Crotched Mountain Rehab Center in Greenfield is a parking area and access to some great hiking trails for families with young children.  There are two hiking trails at Crotched Mountain Trails, as well as other trails that lead up to the top of Crotched Mountain, which you can read about in my Crotched Mountain post. I love these trails because they are stroller and wheelchair accessible and great for little legs that may still be a little wobbly because the trails are flat and free of roots.  


The Dutton Brook Trail is a two mile loop and has a observation deck overlooking a marshy area.  It has been over a year since I have been there, but the last time I was there, there was a storybook along the trail.  A storybook trail is where you walk along and read a page of a story posted on the trail.  My daughter has loved storybook trails since she started to read.  It is also great motivation to keep kids moving on the trail.  


The Trailhead to the Gregg Trail Observation Look Out is also located from this parking lot.    

I love these trails because they are one of the most family friendly trails in the area and great for beginner hikers.