Lake Potanipo Walking Path


Located of Routine 13 in Brookline, New Hampshire is a charming little lake allowing an array of activities.  Lake Potanipo is popular year round spot.  In the winter it is frequented with snowmobiles and ice fisherman. In the summer swimmers and boaters.  There is also a a summer camp, Camp Tevya.  In the summer the beach is for residents only.  

I was recently looking for an easy walk through the woods that I had not done and never realized there was a path that went along the edge of the lake.  There is a small parking lot on the corner of Rt 13 and Mason Road.  Also located here is a rail trail that is dirt.  We did see a couple people mountain biking while we were walking.  


The trail starts across the road from the parking lot.  You do have to walk through Camp Tevya, if you have a dog make sure you clean up after them.  After walking through the camp you walk along the rail trail that eventually leads to the center of Milford.  There is a couple signs pointing out some information.  There is evidence of an old ice house, which was kind of cool to see.  


The trail does veer off to the left while the rail trail goes towards the right.  The trail takes you to a little point with a nice view of the lake.  It was about a three mile round trip. The trail is flat perfect for young children or someone who wants an easy walk.