Garwin Falls

When it is warm I am always looking for places to take my dog or myself for a dip.  Located on Issac Frye Highway near Putnam Hill Road in Wilton is a nice little walk to two sets of falls.  There is minimal parking here so arrive early or go on a weeknight when it is not as busy.  The path is well worn and easy to follow.  About a quarter of a mile down the path there is a path off to your left and this goes to Upper Garwin Falls. This is the small of the falls, but still worth checking out. This appears to be a swimming hole, but it looked a little murky and my family and I did not feel we would swim here, but there is evidence that others swim here and it was perfect for our dog.  


Don't stop there, as there is more to see.  Back on the main trail you walk past a dam, there was not a lot of water behind it, but my guess is in the spring the water is pretty flowing. My dog enjoyed the views. 


A little further down the trail is evidence of an old home or some form of building with a cool rock foundation.  


From the old foundation it is just a short walk down a hill to the Lower Garwin Falls and these are some beautiful falls. They are easy to get under and there is a small pool where people were swimming.  I'm still not sold on swimming here as the water in the pool did not look very clear, but I have seen on line that this is a popular swimming hole.  My daughter and I did enjoy dunking my head under the falls.  


It is just a half mile to the Lower Falls.  Perfect hike for families, people just getting into hiking or someone who loves waterfalls like me.  I'm so excited to have another waterfall in the Monadnock area on my list.