Five Fun Fall Activities

I love fall and living in New England. We are fortunate to have an array of fall fun activities. Hiking is obviously one of my favorite activities but I do enjoy other fall activities. Below are some of my favorite places to visits or events to enjoy. I apologize for the lack of photo’s as some of these we have visited in the evening/night time so not the best of taking photo’s. Also I get carried away with being with my family that I forget to take photo’s, I hope no one will fault me for that.

Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, Massachusetts. There are so many options around New England for apple picking that it is really hard to pick one to visit let alone a favorite one. We recently visited Red Apple Farm and loved the variety of activities. Besides apple and pumpkin picking, there is a gift shop with a variety of products and food. Our favorite in the gift shop were the hot cider donuts and hot apple cider. There are hiking trails, various play areas for kids, wagon rides and farm animals. I may have fallen in love with the baby goat.


One of our favorite buildings was the Brew Barn. They had a nice selection of local beers on tap. My husband and I got a flight of beer to sample.


For lunch they have a very popular open air BBQ pit. The food was fresh, well made and flavorful. We spent about 3-4 hours exploring the area, We loved the variety and that there was something for everyone.

Trombly Farms Milford, New Hampshire This farm has a huge variety of pumpkins and some local goods in their shop. They also have a corn maze. My favorite part is on the weekends they do an after dark corn maze where you have to find your way through the maze in the dark. The night we went the moon was bright, it was fun trying to navigate through the maze by the moonlight. There were some teenagers trying to scare each other which can add some fright to your adventure. If you have not done a corn maze after dark, i highly recommend it, it’s a different but fun experience.


Barrett Hill Farm Mason, New Hampshire This farm has produce at their stand that is always fresh and flavorful along with a variety of local products. In season hey also have strawberries and blueberries for picking. The last couple years they have put on an event called the Haunted Mile. They lead you on a mile hike around their fields and through their forest trying to scare you. Last year I took my nine year old daughter and her friend and they were just scared enough, but loved it. I’m excited to see what they have done this year.

New Hampshire Audubon Society Concord, New Hampshire This is a fun place to check out year round with their hiking trails and displays insides their building. Around Halloween they do an Enchanted Forest where they guide you on a Jack-o-Lantern lit walk. Along the walk you stop at various points to listen to stories. This is a very family friendly event as it is not scary. If you have young children I recommend you check it out. You do need to buy tickets in advance.

Birchward Apple Orchard on Reed Road in Mason New Hampshire is not the typical orchard you would expect to see on a top list of places to visit, but it is one of my favorites. It is close to my home. It is a quiet orchard that has a good variety of apples, peaches and plums. The reason that I have included it in my list is because I love the view and they have a great variety of apples that are all crisp and flavorful and not too expensive. The staff is always friendly. If you are looking for a place to pick without crowds or any frills, this is the place to visit.