Good Harbor Beach

We are fortunate in New England to have access to a variety of ocean beaches whether you are look for beautiful white sand, rocky coastlines, calm seas or rolling waves. I recently visited one of those beaches. Good Harbor Beach is one of those beaches you should put in your must visit list . It is located at 99 Thatcher Road Gloucester, MA.

There was a $35 fee the day we visited. My husband and I felt the fee was well worth it. There is ample parking, clean restrooms, a snack shack and a small beach store. There are lifeguards and we also saw local police at the entrance and walking the beach. The beach itself is fairly big with plenty of space. It was very busy the day we visited, but we did not feel it was over crowded or we did not have the space we like.

The cool thing about this beach is when the tide is low a land bridge forms you can walk to a small island to explore. It provides a great view of the beach.


We spent the majority of the day playing in the waves. They were pretty big at times. My 9 year old loved playing in them.


We have visited this beach a couple times and it has become one of our favorites. I would not recommend for young children as there is not a lot calm places for them to play. It is perfect for older kids and adults who love to play in the waves.