Quoddy Head State Park

If you ever find yourself in the eastern most town in the United States make sure you check out Quoddy Head State Park. Located on Lubec Maine is one of my favorite state parks in Maine to take a hike in. Over Labor Day weekend we stayed with friends in the area and got a chance to hike around the park.

Located at 973 S Lubec Rd in Lubec, Is a light house, a sign marking the eastern most point in the United States and a few miles of hiking trails. Due to a time constraint we got in a quick picture at the sign just because.


Then we hiked out to Green Point, which is about two miles round trip. I love this path because you walk along the coast line enjoying views of the ocean and Canada.


We were fortunate the day we visited there was a seal fishing a long the coastline. Unfortunately I could not get a picture of the it because it was too far away.

The other part of the hike I enjoyed was the when we walked through the woods, the abundance of moss was so beautiful.


We did not get there early enough, but I have heard that the sunrises are pretty spectacular. I still love the day time views.


There is some incline throughout the trail so make sure you were appropriate footwear and bring water with you. There is enough trails that are kid appropriate, just beware as there are some steep cliffs overlooking the ocean.