Adventures Close to Home

Sometimes I want to go on an adventure, but I do not want to drive far. With it being such a beautiful day I did not want to waste it inside. Plus this had been the first weekend that we had nothing planned.

There has been a bakery that I have been wanting to try. Brown House Bakery in Harrisville specialized in homemade pastries, breakfast items, subs and recently started making pizza. I have been drooling over their photo’s on social media and finally had the opportunity to get there. The food did not disappointment. The owner is very friendly and I am not just saying that because I am friends with her daughter. My daughter and I each got cinnamon rolls and my husband got two cake donuts and fresh squeezed lemonade for everyone. Everything was fresh and very well made. I cannot wait to go back and try their sandwiches. The food was so good that I forgot to take photo’s until we were almost done.


We were headed home, but it was so nice I wanted to get in a little hike. We only had our sneakers and I did not have my pack with water, which is a must when hiking with kids, so I wanted something quick, but with a view. We decided to hike up the White Ledges in Temple. This hike never disappoints with beautiful views looking towards Milford and Manchester.


You enjoy the views while standing on beautiful white ledges, hence the name.


Behind you, is a small view of Pack Monadnock. We were greeted by a porcupine who didn’t stay long. We were also covered in ticks.


This usually is a great trail to see lady slippers on. I only saw one today.


After the hike I realized that Barrett Mansion in New Ipswich was open for tours. I’ve been wanting to visit since we moved to the area. We did not realize that the tours started on the hour, we had about 40 minutes to kill, even though we could have just gone home, we decided to explore the grounds and get some much needed relaxing time in the gazebo, or what the originally owners call their summer home.


When it is time the tour, our tour guides, Dan and Michelle, did an amazing job providing history to the town, the home and the people who lived there. We learned a lot about our home town, that we did not know. I highly recommend anyone who lives in the area or is visiting to check it out.


We spent the afternoon lounging by our pool, but when evening came my husband suggested a trip to the Drive In in Milford. Another thing that I have never done before, gone to a drive in. We saw the new Aladdin Movie, which was very good. We enjoyed the drive-in, but I do not think it is something we would do a lot.


It was a great day exploring the area we live in and doing some things we had never done before. Remember you do not have to travel far to have a good adventure and see new things.