Spirit Falls

Across the border of New Hampshire into Massachusetts is another great waterfall worth checking out. Located in Royalston Massachusetts is Spirit Falls. This falls is special to me as it was the first hike we took our daughter on at just two weeks old. Of course I can not find any of the pictures, but I can assure you they were cute. Even though this was nine years ago, I can remember it just like yesterday. Putting her in the front carrier, feeling scared and excited to go out on our first hike. Some hikers gave us dirty looks, while others praised us.

Even if you have no special connection to this waterfall it is worth checking out. I had originally found this hike in one of my favorite hiking books, New England Waterfalls. The book helped us find and follow the trail. The trail is a little over a mile long and it is very steep at the end. Many people only go half walk thinking they are at the end, but if you are up to it, it is worth the scramble to the bottom of the falls to get the full effect. Make sure you watch the trail markers and wear appropriate footwear as it can be muddy and slippery.

The waterfall is very long, not what you would expect for this area of Massachusetts. I remember thinking that the waterfall never ended.


In my notes I have that there is a side trail to a lookout, but I cannot recall where it is on the trail. When looking at All Trails, it looks like it may be towards the beginning of the hike.

Due to the steepness of the trail I would not recommend this hike for young children who walk on their own, I can remember that my husband and I took turns going down to the bottom of the falls because we had our infant daughter and did not want to bring her down the steep section. I also do not recall any opportunity for swimming here. If you love waterfalls like I do, you need to put this one on your list.