Sheldrick Forest

Located in Wilton, NH is a wonderful trail system that goes over bridges, follows streams and up and down rolling forest hills.  Sheldrick Forest is a great set of trails if you are looking to get out for a couple hours of easy hiking.  With the rolling hills and steep embankments, this may not be the best place for young children, but it is great for older children. There are about three miles of trails through Sheldrick Forest with the option of connecting to more trails at the Heald Track. I love how the trail has a couple different loops and also follows some streams so in the wet season you can enjoy the sound of a bubbling brook.  


The trail is location on Town Farm Road in Wilton.  From Rt 101 turn onto Temple Road next to Oliver's Restaurant, after you got about .3 miles and cross a small bridge turn left onto Town Farm Road. The trail is about .7 miles on the left.  The road is dirt so travel with caution.  For additional trail information click here.