Mines Falls Park

Spring time always brings an array of activities and goals for my family and I.  It never fails that spring sports and home ownership duties usually take over leaving little opportunity for exploring and outdoor activities which remains true for this spring.  Today, while running errands in Nashua I got the urge to get a little walk in, so we stopped and walked a few miles around Mines Falls Park.  


A good portion of my husbands childhood was spent growing up in Nashua near these trails, so he did a lot of reminiscing while we got a couple miles in between errands.  I also spent a few years while in collage in Nashua, but did not frequent the trails as it was always rumored to not be the safest place, I believe over the years that has changed.


There are about 10 miles of trails around the park, with various access points.  Today, we parked at Lincoln Park at the end of Coliseum Ave, past Hannaford in Nashua.  We did about a two and a half mile loop up to Mines Falls and along the Mills Ponds and Nashua Power Canal back to Lincoln Park.  The trail is very well maintained with people of all ages using the trails for various activities such as walking, running and bike riding.  We also saw some people fishing in various spots.  There was also some animal spotting of muskrats and birds.  My husband remembered it was always a great place to spot various sized turtles.   


I felt very comfortable and safe walking along the trail and would absolutely walk these trails during the day alone, (always use your own judgement when walking a trail). I was also very impressed by the scenery for being in the middle of Nashua.   


Next time I am in Nashua and need to get in a few miles outside, I will absolutely be stopping here again.