Mt Caesar

As I have said in many previous posts, I love learning of new trails to explore.  A friend of mine recently told me about Mt. Caesar located in Swanzey and I was excited to check it out.  The trailhead is a little difficult to find.  It is located off of Old Homestead Highway/Route 32 across from Monadnock High School on a small road, Simeneau Lane.  On this road is a small Assisted Living Facility and the road loops around to a cemetery.  Between the cemetery and the Assisted Living facility is a small parking lot and the trailhead.  


The trail follows a stone walls and the edge of the cemetary before heading off into the woods continuing to follow the stone wall and into a small field where you will see a small kiosk. From here you follow an old logging road about a half mile.  Then there is a fork in the trail, where the trail veers left, there is a sign nailed to a tree directing you to the top of the mountain.  The first part of the trail was fairly wet after a recent rain fall, so make sure you have appropriate footwear. Another half mile and you are at the top.  Once at the top there is a decent view of the area.  Off to the left is a lookout path to a ledge with better views of the area and Mt. Monadnock.  


Roundtrip the trail is about two miles.  It is a gradual incline to the top, making it the perfect hike for young families or those beginner hikers who want to get a beautiful view.