Distant Hill Nature Trail

I get asked frequently if I know of any stroller friendly walking paths. I usually am repeating myself with either the local paved rail trails or the handicap accessible trails at Crotched Mountain.  I am happy to announce that I have another local stroller/handicap accessible walking path.  


Located on March Hill Road in Alstead is well maintained set of trails that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.  I first discovered this place as it was named in the top 10 boardwalks to check out in New Hampshire and since we were already in the area heading to Hungry Diner, a must stop for lunch, we decided to check out these trails.

There is two sections to this area, the  Distant Hill Nature Trail, which are open daily. There are about a mile of trails with plans to expand. The Distant Hill Gardens which is actually located in Walpole, right next to the trails. They are only open on certain days and for special events so check out there Facebook Page for more information.   

The boardwalk itself is not very big or long, but it is built in a way that you feel like you are walking on top of the blog, which is really cool.


 The trails are the most impressive part, my husband kept saying, "wow, a lot of work went into make these, they are really nice." My husband is not easily impressed. At this time there is about a mile of trails, with plans to expand.   


There is also a children's nature playground, if you have followed me long enough to know that I love a good natures playground.  There is just enough structures here to keep kids entertained, but to also allow their imagination to wonder within the woods.  


There are also vernal pools with signage.


We only walked about a mile of the trail, but felt we could have spent a good few hours exploring the grounds, especially when the gardens are opened.  We did run into the owner, who was very friendly and explained he was trying to model his trails after the Crotched Mountain Accessible Trails, after he had taken a workshop with them.  I feel he is off to a great start.  If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon outside, Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole is a great place to explore.