Sharon Ledges and More on the Wapack Trail

Located on Temple Road in Sharon, NH is an access point to the Wapck Trail.  There is a small parking lot, which is always nice to not have to park on the side of the road.  This is one of my favorite short hikes, with a good workout and beautiful views.  The trail starts out steep until you get to the ledges, which is about a half mile.  From the ledges you get a beautiful view looking towards Kidder Mountain and the south section of the Wapack Trail.  


If this is enough of a hike or all you have time for it is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the view and head back to your car.  It is about a mile roundtrip.


If you have time I recommend going further.  About  a mile down the trail a beautiful lookout point with beautiful views of Mt Monadnock.  The trail is relatively flat. Prior to reaching the lookout point is the Berry Pasture Trail, which starts on Mountain Road in Sharon, you can also reach the lookout point from there for a little less of a hike.   


It is about three miles round trip back to where you parked your car.  If you are looking for a little longer hike you can go to Temple Mountain where here is a large parking lot.  It is over five miles from the parking lot on Temple Road to the parking lot on Rt 101 with some great views along the way.