Little Monadnock

Little Monadnock Mountain outside of Rhododendron State Park is a great moderate hike. The hike is about two miles up. The first mile is easy and you walk under the wild Rhododendron. The second mile is fairly steep with a lot of rocks and exposed roots.


There is not much of a view at the top as the trees are blocking the view, but you can get a beautiful glimpse of Mt. Monadnock. Once at the top the trail connects with the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail that is 117 miles from Meriden CT to Mt. Monadnock.


To get to this trail you have to park in Rhododendron State Forrest which is located on Rhododendron Road in the northwest corner of Fitzwilliam. The trail is off the Loop Trail. I have never been when the flowers are in bloom, but would love to go in July when they show their beautiful colors. This is a great hike for people looking for a small challenge. I also saw other kids in the trail, my daughter was seven when she hiked the trail.