Out with the Old Pack and in with the New Pack

About 13 years ago, my husband and I moved into our first and current home.  We were excited about living in the Monadnock Region due to the almost unlimited outdoor activities in our backyard.  For my first birthday in our new home my husband bought me a camelbak day pack and the Hiking the Monadnock Region Book.  This is what started my journey of exploring the trails in our area.  For the last 13 years I have been using the same backpack for all my hiking adventures.  This fall I noticed that there were holes forming in the bottom of the pack.  My husband tried to convince me to get a new one, but I was not emotionally ready.  I know it sounds silly, but this pack is a symbol of so many hikes since moving to the Monadnock Region. Such as hiking Mt. Monadnock, exploring other trails in Vermont and New Hampshire. As well as hiking so many trails solo and with my husband. Also, my daughters first hike, hiking with friends and starting my women’s hiking group

I was recently chosen as an ambassador for the 365 Mile Challenge.  One of the many perks of being an ambassador is receiving amazing swag to try out and review.  I was lucky enough to get picked for a Deuter Speed Lite 22 Hiking Backpack. I figured now was a good time to start making the transition to a new pack. When it arrived I was in love with the color, we did not get to pick which color, but I feel I lucked out as other ambassadors got red and black, but I am partial to the green.  The other part I noticed and love is there is a yellow flower attached to the pack.  It is such a fun talking point.  As I emptied out the old pack and filled up the new one I was feeling a little sentimental. It was time to move on, it is just a backpack, right?

Out with in old and in with the new.

Out with in old and in with the new.

I worked on organizing my new backpack.  There was plenty of room for all my items.  The only thing I missed was there is only one small pocket instead of several small ones like my older pack It did seem a little disorganized.  I like there is a pocket on the side for my water bottle. There is also a small pocket on the hip belt to put small items like chapstick. The biggest part of the backpack had plenty of room for my first aid kit and all my winter essentials. There is also a front pouch that does not have a zipper that will be great for when I walk to yoga and can put my mat in it. 


I tested out the backpack on an easy three and half mile hike.  Even though the pack is not broken in yet, it was comfortable.  The hip straps fit nicely, which is good because I have wide hips.  The straps were comfortable and easy to adjust.  I am also large chested and the chest strap did not make me feel like I was pressing my breasts together like other packs have. The pack was easy to get on and off.  When I did need to find something it was not hard to find items in my pack even though I was worried about being able to organize some of my things.   

Some of my fellow ambassadors from the 365 Mile Challenge also had feed back on the pack. 

Julie: “I love all the straps and loops, awesome pockets on the waist. I’m 5’10 and once I was able to get the straps adjusted for my height it fit well. There is Good airflow. I looooove the color! It's sort of a ruby red. And who doesn't love a cute flower on their pack? Overall a good pack and a decent fit for my tall frame.” 


Kari: “I have never invested in a pack for myself. I have always had hand-me-down or borrowed packs. They have worked fine for me, but I have never LOVED a backpack. I have a new Deuter Speed Lite 22 SL backpack that is a lady's fit and I cannot believe how great it is! My two favorite features is the chest strap and the shoulder adjustment straps. All of the backpacks I have used have chest straps that are not effective because of their location. I cannot move it high enough for it to be effective and comfortable. This pack adjusts so it is actually across my chest (and not my breasts) and helps carry the weight. I also love the shoulder adjustment straps because it pulls the pack nice and close to my body so I am able to carry the weight close to my body. It makes all the difference. I am still learning about the different features and storage space. I have been using my backpack for sledding excursions and for day to day. I am looking forward to using it on a longer skiing trip and cannot wait for it to be my go to summer hiking pack!” Kari can be found on Instagram @pofahlpaths

Kari and her new pack.

Kari and her new pack.

Overall I am really enjoying the pack as it’s perfect for my height of 5ft 3 inches. If you are a taller women I would recommend trying it on first. I have only used it twice, but I have not found any complaints about it. I would highly recommend this pack to other women. I do always recommend that you go to a store to try a pack on before buying as they fit all body types differently.


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