An Outdoor Mother's Day

Every year my husband gets frustrated with me, as he always asks what I want for Mother's Day and I say nothing.  I am not much of a materialistic person, I prefer experiences over objects.  Of course I always love the homemade gifts and cards my daughter makes me every year, and I would not pass up a trip to the spa, but overall I do not want my husband spending money on items I may only use a couple times, if at all. I think this year, I finally got that I am more happy with experiences then material items.  

This year mother's day was spent just the way I have dreamed with limited planning on my part. Lets face it moms, we are usually the ones doing the planning.  We started the morning by hitting up one of my favorite bagel shops in the area, Bagel Mill, in Peterborough, NH.  Their jalapeño cheddar bagels are delicious.  After a satisfying breakfast we headed on to our first stop.  Mount Caesar in Swanzey, NH for a morning hike.  I have been eying this hike since last year when a friend of mine hiked it and told me about it.  This two mile round trip hike is perfect for beginning hikers and families as it is a gradual hike up to the top with views of the surrounding area and Mt. Monadnock.  


After the hike we wanted to check out a boardwalk that was featured on a Facebook Post I saw, Nine Boardwalks in  New Hampshire to Visit.  Distant Hill Nature Trails in Alstead is an adorable little setting.  I believe it is fairly new trail system, but if you are looking for place to explore with young children, strollers or handicap accessible trails this is a great place to spend a few hours.  

After working up an appetite we headed to the Hungry Diner for lunch.  I have been following them on Instagram for some time now and keep saying I wanted to check them out.  I wish I had not waited so long to check them out. Everything about this place is wonderful from the atmosphere, menu items, drinks and my daughters favorite, the milkshakes.  


After a satisfying lunch, we headed home, but not before checking out one more stop.  While were were visiting Distant Hill Nature Trails we had the opportunity to speak with the owner.  This is always fun for me as I learn about new trails in the area.  If you have been following my social medial accounts or blog, I am sure you have learned of my love of waterfalls.  Porcupine Falls located in Gilsum is a great little spot to check out if you are in the area.  Also a perfect opportunity to dunk your head in a waterfall.   


The best part about the day was my eight year old daughter hit her 100 mile mark for the 365 miles challenge.  I am so proud that she is doing this challenge with me and that she is excited about it. This was one of the best gifts I could have asked for.   


Moms remember, this day is for you, let your family spoil you, by doing what you want. I'm so glad my family spoiled me.