Andres Institute of Art

More times than I care to admit I have come across a new trail that has been right under my nose, or hiking boots, for a while and did not know it existed, which I feel slightly embarrassed about, but hey nobody's perfect.    

I have lived in Southern New Hampshire for over 12 years now and have driven by this little sign for Andres Institute of Art on Rt 101 in Milford thousands of times and never really thought twice about what it was.  I do not recall what made me check out the hiking trails the first time, but I'm disappointment in myself that it took so long to explore them. 

A couple summers ago my family and I started exploring the trails and sculptures around the institute.  Can I tell you what an amazing place this is.  Located on the side of an old ski mountain, Big Bear Mountain, Paul Andres purchased the land in 1996. Per their website, their mission is, “Andres Institute of Art shall serve and advance the intellectual and social well being of the public by educating and training artists, by promoting the integration of art and technology, and by supporting fine arts.” 


I am not sure of how many miles of trails are located at the instute, but the day my family and I visited we spend 2 hours exploring the trails and sculptures and did not see everything.  The sculptures are amazing and you can tell a lot of time and dedication when into making them and setting up the institute.  


Once at the top of the mountain there is a beautiful view looking toward the Wapack Range and Mt Monadnock.  


My daughter was engaged and generally interested the whole hike, which is huge when hiking with a young child.  This is a great hike for groups and families.  Do keep in mind that sections of the trails are steep, but you can take an easier trail is you wished.  The trailhead is located off Rt 13 in Brookline.