Cobb Hill Trail

I have heard of the Cobb Hill Trail and have been wanting to hike it, but either the weather has not cooperated or I have not had the time. After finished up chores around the house my family and I decided to go on a hike. Now was the time to check out the Cobb Hill Trail, which is part of the Harris Center.

The instructions on their website to get to the trailhead and to follow the trail are confusing. To get to the trail head from Peterborough take Route 101 turn right onto Rt 137, there is a gas station on the corner.  Follow Rt 137 for about 4 miles and take a left onto Jaquith Road.  Continue in Jaquith Road for 1.6 miles, which is a dirt road. You will cross over Old Dublin Road , which looks like you are going up a driveway.  The parking area is on the right with a parking sign and a abandoned shed.

I am not going to lie we had difficulty finding the trail head. On the map for the Harris Center it looks like the trail head is before the parking lot, but it is not. We walked a mile up and down the road before looking for it and then I texted a friend who guided me where to go, thanks Molly! At least we got to enjoy the foliage.


From the small parking lot you walk up the dirt road, for a quarter of a mile, it looks like you are walking up a driveway as there is a house on the right. Continue past the house to the gate and follow the road and you will come to a sign that points to Cobb Hill .9 Miles.  


After another . 1  turn left to continue on Cobb Hill Trail.  


After about .8 miles you come to an old road take a left. Follow this road until you get to a sign for the Jane Green Trail.


Follow the Jane Green Trail uphill for about .2 miles until you get to the opening looking towards Lake Skatutakee, Beech Hill and Mount Monadnock.


Unfortunately Mt. Monadnock was covered by clouds today. In total the hike is a little under two miles. It’s gradually uphill most of the way, with some steep sections, which I would classify as a moderate hike good for those who have some hiking experience and with kids who can handle in incline and four mile roundtrip hike. The trail was pretty wet and muddy so make sure you wear appropriate foot wear as some of the rocks were slippery. I can not wait to go back when the skies are clear to see the view.